Saturday, June 19, 2010


Life has been more or less the same nowadays. Just that adjusting to some changes occurred. After working close to 2years in CO, I'm officially going to tender in my resignation probably when my new job gets stable. Anyw I found a new job over at HSBC working as a bank clerk and my work officially starts on Monday! I can't wait to meet new people, bosses, the enviroment and everything else. Will defnitely do well in this job as it is something new!

As to the changes that have taken place. I'm taking a turn in my studies. Have decided that when results comes out in Sept and if I didnt managed to do well, I will be taking a break from studies for around 1year? And afterwhich I will go back to studying again. Through th 1year, I've decided to get experience in more related jobs. So even after I graduate, chances of getting a job is higher. This decision didnt came about overnight. Have been actually thinking about it since May. So I've discussed w my parents and sisters and came to a conclusion on this. For myself, I think this change might be better and work out a better path for me. And definitely thanks my friends ard me whom I've seek advice for, you guys are awesome!

I think this gingerbread man from Shrek 3 is rlly cuteee :D

And as for r/s issues, bin and me are gg great! Wouldn't say awesome yet. There's still room to that. We're understanding each other better and whenever we come to a disagreement, we will try to talk things out in a nice manner. Anyw we're both adapting well in our new work places. Time spent wise might be a little lesser as compared to th past but we're gonna work hard towards our goals; a trip at the end of the year tgt:] Looking forward to that and as for now, gonna save up lots for it.

Anyw th below would be something for my twinny, mon chao

You know life is gonna get tough esp during times like now. So get through it with all of us standing around being there for you. You know we all love you, esp me(kinda bhb). But because you've been my friend for 13years & counting and my twinnie, whenever I fall,you're there for me. And we never fail to make stupid jokes outta nothing and all the teasing like calling me ba gey(even though I dun have), xiao long bao, big head, fat woman, flabby arms, giant thighs(WHICH ALL THE ABOVE I DUN HAVE OK) but I still love you la. Get well soon emotionally ok. I'll be there when you need a friend:)

Friday, June 11, 2010

The diet vibe

Instead of starting my diet plan this week, im indulging more in all the junk food. This is seriously very bad. I do not wish to gain anymore weight!! The last time I weigh myself was few days back and I was 46kg. But I'm not satisfied w it as I wanna get below that! I dont know why but I just cant seem to get below 45. Need to go on a low carbo, high protein diet soon. And my very small appetite is gonna begin. I need to lose weight all over my body. Am super determind to start it next week! :D

Friday, June 4, 2010

Finally life's seems to be back on the normal track; back to how it used to be. You know, I feel happy about it. Cause I know that they're the ones deep close to my heart who are the ones that will stay w me through thick and thin. Sounds cliche but true.

Got to admit to the fact that the "honeymoon" period for my r/s w bin was like the first 4mths I guess? Hmms, spent almost everyday seeing him at work/aft work/off day. Just doing simple things like window shopping or having dinner. It just felt so sweet and simple. And I met up lesser with the rest. At times, I just felt so bad somehow. So I'll always try to make the effort to organise dinner meetups. Also, there're were some rocky times in the first few mths with bin. Well things definitely gets better aft time and so it is right now:)

Actually now, I feel that we've still got our own lives to lead. Our own friends to have fun w, meetup for dinner, clubbing or anything. It is jus recently that made me realise that these small little meeting up tgt makes a difference somehow. I love when we enjoy laughing, bitching, crapping w each other. It's jus simple happiness we get from it. Even driving them out for supper and pool tgt @ bukit timah, simple yet nice. Mayb my mindset and attitude towards things in love just changed. I think the love is there if we understand each other, respect the r/s and trust each other. We need not be seeing each other 24/7 but when we do, we always cherish the time tgt:)

So much for being so random blogging out my thoughts now. Okays, feeling tired now. Got to sleep now! Gdnights!:)

Love you darling :)

Monday, May 31, 2010


Today is the 31st which also marks the 5th mth for bin and me:)

Bin went to Genting over the weekend w his family and he got me this strawberry cuddie and my fav cookies frm famous amos.
We only met up in the late afternoon as we both slept very late th previous night. So after buying the tickets for "Sex and the City 2" @ 7pm Cineleisure, we headed to Mac @ Scape. In case you're wondering why we had happy meal, it was because bin wanted to collect the Shrek collection that Mac was giving out as toys for happy meal. So he got 2 more to his collection today.
Walked around 313 as we still have time before dinner. Everywhere is having great singapore sales but I can't seem to find anything nice though. Only managed to grab a $5 basic tank @ F21. We wanted to dine in at Shokudu @ Heeren but then didnt know they close down already. And we went rounds and rounds Heeren to find it -.- Didnt know many shops closed down in Heeren.

So we went for Sushi Tei in the end. One of my all-time fav jap food.
Felt kinda wasted that I ordered the Spicy Miso Ramen as I didnt managed to finish. Ate only 1/4 of the noodle.

Photos taken in Sushi Tei.

Sex and the City 2 was an awesome show!! Love the bitchness of the show :)) the 2.5hrs didnt really seemed long at all,

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Ran the last :)

Exams officially ended on monday(17th). I felt super relieved aft my last paper(marketing), esp when I managed to vomit out th whole chunk of shit that I brain-swallowed in a few weeks within th 3hrs given. Anyway I'm pretty amazed at how much I could wrote and how the paper was kinda a gift to me, because I studied selectively and I managed to get the topics I studied. But still, I'll keep my fingers crossed until the results are out, meanwhile pray hard :]

Life has been cool still. I'm head-hunting for a new job tmr and working my ass off at th same place before I find a new job to jump over to. I need money cause I need to shop and buy new cosmetics/skincare products.

Finally I'm gg out w twiny&ked on sat! Very long since we went out tgt! Looking forward to saturdays spent like that. & Sunday w my happy pills to the beach(hate the sun) but will love th company.

This week not gonna be spending much time w bin as I've many programs on hand and he has to clear his last week notice :) And then for the next week we could enjoy tgt! Can't wait t plan many things w him; zoo, kite flying cum picnic, movies, shopping and many more.

Till I'm back w more pictures.

Just a random thought on mind, people do change at times so I'm not reading too much into everything now. I've learnt how to lead a more carefree life now.

Friday, May 14, 2010

I'm feeling kinda down now. In the midst of making some major decisions regarding my studies. Kinda stuck with what to choose now. But I'm really determined to do well if I'm changing to a new course instead. I will really work harder than everyone else and prove it to my parents, sisters and most importantly myself. Sigh, with a really heavy heart now.

movie date on a friday night :]

Caught Ip man 2(finally)w bin jus now over at Lot one :] It was kinda random that he suggested to meet me for dinner at lot one. And to top it off, he bought me KOI milkkk tea(babeh!). Thanks love for that :]

Had a short dinner at subway and we "roamed" around Lot one buying things. I was the one buying things while he was jus accompanying me all the time while I looked at things. Hehehe!

Anyway Ip man 2 was 4.5/5nachos chips! ;] It wasn't too draggy and the show managed to really get you into it totally. You wouldn't even feel like gg to th washroom when you're really urgent. The fighting scenes were the awesome ones!

Aft the show, bin walked me home. Feels so great to be doing this once in a while, hanging out around w him and jus spending th evening to have a dinner and catch a movie. Thanks love! :)

So for this weekend,i'm gg to chiong off my sat and sun for my last lap on monday(2.30pm) @ sg expo. And then aft which it spells FREEDOM for 3 whole fucking mths!! Ok, back to reality, I need money =work, work and more work. Not forgetting "Shrek" on next saturday w love and Sentosa w happy pills next sunday!

Goodthebyeee :DD